SocialMediaCamp London 09 - Rallying the troops up!

Yes, you’ve read correctly! SocialMediaCamp London 09 is rearing its pretty head ’round the corner and we’re beginning the planning. It’s only just starting to take shape so if you want to get involved, now is the time.

The aim of the event is to gather 100-120 people to exchange ideas on social media, from social networking platforms, blogs and podcasts to using new media cleverly, marketing ethically and identity the age of technology.  Attendees will be invited to do short presentations or hold discussion groups throughout the day on Saturday.

If facilities allow, Sunday could be a workshop day where we take on the challenge of creating a campaign, using social media tools, for a charity or small business who could benefit from our joint knowledge and experience. This day was described as “a Hack Day but socialer”, which is a fair description! The objective would be to end the day with a tangible campaign for the charity/small business can use and implement.

What we know so far

Dates: Either 18th or 25th April
Location: Possibly Wallacespace St-Pancras (where we held SMCLondon08 in October) but considering a location that would allow us to do both Saturday & Sunday

Helping with the event

My mistake last time was to try and take on everything myself, so this time I’ll be sharing out responsibilities to small teams. If you’d like to volunteer for one of the areas below, email me on (and I’ll love you forever!)

I want to be a:

  • Sponsor wrangler
  • Backchannel boss
  • Venue scout
  • T-Shirts & Stickers master
  • Food czar
  • Badges & signs design artist
  • Evening drinks & Saturday night happenings rockstar
  • Video streaming guru
  • Event cheerleader & promoter

Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of support if you take on any of these responsibilities, but you’ll help me keep my sanity in the run-up to the event. All we ask is that you are reliable and will communicate well. :)

Think you can sponsor? There will be sponsorships of all sizes to suit your budget, so if you think you can sponsor, please contact me directly.

Meanwhile if you’re interested in attending, please sign up to the newsletter (that big box on the left) and we’ll email you with details of the event & the date on which the first batch of tickets will be made available!