How to use LinkedIn to get a better job presented by Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris ( gives us the in and outs of LinkedIn and how it can help to get us a better job.

What is LinkedIn? It is the professional online network which comes with a wide range of functions and benefits.

1. If you have a profile COMPLETE IT while considering what makes an effective profile and whether your existing profile requires a makeover.

2. Recommendations: Increase your number of recommendations as this is going to add to your status in the LinkedIn community. This can be from anyone you have worked with or for. And offer others your recommendation. These should be quality specific, relevant and related to the work that has been done.

3. Use a good picture, make a good headline and join a group (relevant to your area).

4. Use the toplinked/Lion tag – (means the person will network with everyone) You want to connect with people who are open to connect. Most recruiters are on Toplinked.

5. The more contacts the better. Get LinkedIn or be left out.

6. Ask for introductions. think about how to create and respond to Introductions.

7. Use the Questions and Answers facility– to up your reputation and expertise for yourself. Become an expert.

8. Bring your network live – Attend Linkedin Meetups to nurture your relationships.

Q & A

Q: Does recommending each other make the recommendation loose value?

A: It’s possible to choose whether show recommendations or not, but no it doesn’t.

Further information from Julius:

Put Twitter network onto Linkedin and use it to nurture relationships….be proactive..

Ask questions that you want to get answers for or that you think others might want the answer for and you can even use that for your job… it can save money for not using Consultants..